Fool may seem like a strange name for a business however, the name originates from part of my surname that I have taken from my lovely Mauritian husband. Coincidentally, Fool also translates to flower in Hindi and this is how Fool was born as the perfect brand name for my business. 


I have always loved a home filled with fresh flowers. Although, it began to get a little unrealistic keeping the flowers fresh which is when I started looking into silk flowers. Also, our household consists of two beautiful cats, but unfortunately certain flowers are known to be toxic to the little furs. Growing-up, artificial flowers were, well, very artificial so when I began creating my collections people were amazed at their realistic nature and this is where it all began, the start of Fool Flowers. 


At Fool we aim to do our best for the environment and do whatever possible to sustain our future planet. Here’s some of the measures we undertake to demonstrate our commitment to that cause.


  • We offset our carbon footprint by planting 1 tree per customer order.


  • Where possible we take every step to ensure that all of our packaging is recycled and/or recyclable.​


  • We donate a percentage of our profits annually to environmental/sustainable initiatives to ensure we really are doing our bit for the environment and future generations.





  • CREATIVITY: Years of interest in flowers and interior décor, we’ve created a variety of eye-catching collections that can add that special attraction or even subtly enhance the features to any of your indoor settings.

  • FLEXIBILITY: Fool is a small family run business so we can cater and tailor-make our collections to suit your colour palette, style and budget.

  • CUSTOMISATION: We can add any personal touches to any orders making each one extra special.​

  • RELIABILITY: Being a small business we personally ensure all of our orders are completed to the best standard possible.

We hope you enjoy our collection as much as we enjoyed making them.